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Semi-soft model 155637 Vena

Semi-soft model 155637 Vena

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VB-355 semi-padded bra by VENA, sewn on the new K15 design dedicated especially to women with very large breasts, The cups have two vertical cuts. The cups have two vertical cuts. 3 strap widths are used in this model_ 18, 20 and 25; width 25 in MAX sizes. The model has a side underwire in each size, was reinforced with chiffon in the upper part of the bowl at the attachment of the strap. Two types of fastenings were used_ in basic sizes 2-row fastening with 4 hooks in a row and in MAX sizes 3-row fastening with 4 hooks in each row. Made of knitted fabric and Italian embroidery Racimificio di Fagnano, the bra perfectly gathers and supports the bust. Wide decorative straps additionally decorated with embroidery and tiny bows, in the middle a tiny bow, straps are not detachable. Bra designed and sewn in Poland by VENA, using the highest quality materials from reputable European manufacturers.
Cotton 5 %
Spandex 15 %
polyamide 75 %
Polyester 5 %
Size Underbust Chest
100B 98-102 cm 112-114 cm
70E 68-72 cm 88-90 cm
70F 68-72 cm 90-92 cm
70G 68-72 cm 92-94 cm
70H 68-72 cm 94-96 cm
75D 73-77 cm 91-93 cm
75E 73-77 cm 93-95 cm
75F 73-77 cm 95-97 cm
75G 73-77 cm 97-99 cm
80C 78-82 cm 94-96 cm
80D 78-82 cm 96-98 cm
80E 78-82 cm 98-100 cm
80F 78-82 cm 100-102 cm
85B 83-87 cm 97-99 cm
85D 83-87 cm 101-103 cm
85E 83-87 cm 103-105 cm
90B 88-92 cm 102-104 cm
90C 88-92 cm 104-106 cm
90D 88-92 cm 106-108 cm
95B 93-97 cm 107-109 cm
95C 93-97 cm 109-111 cm


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