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Padded bra model 161233 Unikat

Padded bra model 161233 Unikat

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Stripes never go out of fashion! That is why Zyta bra will be perfect for every occasion. Padded cups, made of beige foam and black transparent tulle, will ensure the stability of breasts, at the same time looking unearthly on the bust. Such interesting lingerie cannot be missing in a woman's closet. Small black bows were placed on the bridge and the cups and straps. Strapless bra straps are not removable and adjustable along the whole length.
Cotton 5 %
Spandex 12 %
polyamide 83 %
Size Underbust Chest
75C 73-77 cm 91-93 cm
75D 73-77 cm 93-95 cm
75E 73-77 cm 95-97 cm
80B 78-82 cm 94-96 cm
80C 78-82 cm 96-98 cm
80D 78-82 cm 98-100 cm
80E 78-82 cm 100-102 cm
85B 83-87 cm 99-101 cm
85C 83-87 cm 101-103 cm
85D 83-87 cm 103-105 cm
85E 83-87 cm 105-107 cm
90C 88-92 cm 106-108 cm
90D 88-92 cm 108-110 cm
90E 88-92 cm 110-112 cm


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