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Gilet model 193614 Moe

Gilet model 193614 Moe

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We present a unique fabric vest, the design and manufacture of which took place with full commitment in Poland. This vest is a perfect example of the combination of elegance, functionality and Polish tailoring craftsmanship. The vest, fastened with a single button, looks exceptionally stylish and minimalist. The slightly waisted cut adds to its elegance, while leaving freedom of movement. Collarless and with a deep V neckline, the vest looks modern and versatile, matching a wide variety of outfits. Side seam pockets are a practical feature, adding utility to the vest while remaining subtly hidden. The vest is fully lined, which increases the comfort of wearing and makes the fabric fit perfectly on the body. Design and production in Poland is a guarantee of high quality workmanship and attention to detail. This vest is not just a closet accessory, it is an expression of Polish tailoring tradition and design skills. By wearing this vest, you will not only emphasize your style, but also support local craftsmanship and creativity.

Spandex 5 %
Polyester 95 %
Size Lenght Hips Chest Waist
L 78 cm 104 cm 94 cm 90 cm
M 77 cm 99 cm 89 cm 85 cm
S 76 cm 94 cm 84 cm 80 cm
XL 79 cm 109 cm 99 cm 95 cm
XXL 80 cm 114 cm 104 cm 100 cm


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