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Daydress model 194429 Sublevel

Daydress model 194429 Sublevel

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This summer dress is the perfect choice for every day, combining comfort, style and eco-consciousness. Its distinctive shirt cut makes it not only fashionable, but also practical and versatile. Made of soft and airy viscose, the dress is perfect for warm days, providing comfort and freedom of movement. Its long sleeve gives it versatility, allowing it to be worn not only in summer, but also on cooler days. The dress has a length reaching before the knee, which gives it a girlish and casual character. Its asymmetrical cut adds originality and modernity, emphasizing the wearer's individual style. The print gives the dress lightness and freshness, blending perfectly with the summer aura. The heart neckline subtly reveals the collarbones, adding femininity and delicacy to the entire styling. The embellishment is the buttons at the neckline, which give the dress an elegant touch. As an eco-friendly garment, this dress not only looks great, but also supports the idea of sustainable fashion, making it extra fun and satisfying to wear. It will be perfect as an everyday option for women who appreciate comfort, style and care for the environment.

Viscose 100 %
Size Chest Waist
L 91 cm 84-90 cm
M 86 cm 78-86 cm
S 82 cm 72-80 cm
XL 96 cm 88-96 cm


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