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Daydress model 184417 Tessita

Daydress model 184417 Tessita

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A comfortable dress made of soft sweatshirt knit with a chimney-style neckline is the perfect choice for colder days. Tuba cut dress with seam pockets on the hips, finished with small cuffs at the ends of the sleeves and ribbed bottom perfectly conceals the imperfections of the figure. The simple form and length before the knee allows you to create a lot of interesting styling, both elegant and more casual. The dress is sewn from knitted fabric with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.

Cotton 70 %
Polyester 30 %
Size Lenght Hips Chest Waist
L 93 cm 114 cm 101 cm 108 cm
M 92 cm 108 cm 95 cm 102 cm
S 91 cm 102 cm 89 cm 96 cm
XL 94 cm 120 cm 107 cm 114 cm
XS 90 cm 96 cm 83 cm 90 cm
XXL 95 cm 126 cm 113 cm 120 cm


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