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Soft model 155894 Unikat

Soft model 155894 Unikat

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Soft embroidered wedding bra Unikat Carla, perfect for the bride-to-be. Tulle bra decorated with fine embroidery. Its construction allows for emphasizing and rounding breasts. At the junction of cups and the bridge there is a lace bow adding subtlety. The base of the bra is padded with underwiring and knitted fabric which provides stability, ideal for small and medium sized busts. The straps are non-removable and adjustable - the adjustment levels are matched to the bra size and width of the circuit.
Size Underbust Chest
70E 68-72 cm 90-92 cm
70F 68-72 cm 92-94 cm
70G 68-72 cm 94-96 cm
70H 68-72 cm 96-98 cm
75E 73-77 cm 95-97 cm
75G 73-77 cm 99-101 cm
80C 78-82 cm 96-98 cm
80D 78-82 cm 98-100 cm
80E 78-82 cm 100-102 cm
80F 78-82 cm 102-104 cm
85C 83-87 cm 101-103 cm
85D 83-87 cm 103-105 cm
85E 83-87 cm 105-107 cm
90B 88-92 cm 104-106 cm
90C 88-92 cm 106-108 cm
90D 88-92 cm 108-110 cm
95B 93-97 cm 109-111 cm
95C 93-97 cm 111-113 cm


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