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Lise Charmel

Lise Charmel Jeux Complices Lace Demi Cup Bra

Lise Charmel Jeux Complices Lace Demi Cup Bra

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Luxury tulip (demi cup) bra by Lise Charmel is made for a perfect fit using a form that easily adapts to breast shape. The sewing curve creates a modern, yet timeless elegant look. A transparent tulle with satin stitch motifs creates a suggestive and sensual design completed in deep black lace. A small satin ribbon adds a finishing touch to make the design even more sophisticated.  

  • Do not bleach. Use mild wash powders (without "perborate"). If machine washed, place lingerie in a wash bag. Preferably hand washes, cold; line dry.
  • Material: Nylon, Elastane.
  • Color: Cyclamen Games/Deep black with a fuchsia accent.
  • Style: CCC6213.


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