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BE Knit

Daydress model 185832 BE Knit

Daydress model 185832 BE Knit

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This turtleneck sweater dress combines body-pleasing yarn with viscose and a distinctive peplite pattern. Its fitted cut accentuates your figure while leaving room for freedom of movement. A welt turtleneck under the neck adds charm, effectively protecting you from the cold. The pre-knee length is not only fashionable, but also comfortable to wear in various circumstances. That's why you'll wear it to social gatherings, as well as for everyday shopping or to work. This dress is the essence of elegance and comfort, which will give confidence to any woman. Are you ready to feel special? This is your essential this season! Made in Poland.

Composition: 50% viscose, 28% bpt, 22% polyester

Size Lenght Hips Chest Waist
L/XL 94 cm 98 cm 82 cm 96 cm
S/M 89 cm 90 cm 72 cm 88 cm


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