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Daydress model 127851 Tessita

Daydress model 127851 Tessita

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Elegant dress tied with high quality fabric in a delicate floral pattern. The dress can be tied loosely or in a bow both at the front and at the back. From the bust the dress begins to expand towards the bottom. At the neck is fastened with a decorative button. Perfectly covers up figure imperfections while emphasizing feminine qualities. Our must have for summer outings!
Polyester 100 %
Size Lenght Hips Chest Waist
L 97 cm 148 cm 92 cm 100 cm
M 96 cm 144 cm 88 cm 96 cm
S 95 cm 140 cm 84 cm 92 cm
XL 98 cm 152 cm 96 cm 104 cm
XXL 99 cm 156 cm 100 cm 108 cm


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